Frequently Asked Questions

We know this is new to you and you might have a lot of questions. So, we compiled a list of frequently asked questions to guide you along. 

Our Jar Salads

How many servings are in a jar?

Our jars are 22oz and packed full of goodness! A single jar will provide a complete meal for one or can be split into two hearty side salads. They can also double as a delicious filler for a quick sandwich wrap!

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Do I have to prepare the salad?

Nope! We wash, slice, and chop all the ingredients, so all you have to do is pour the salad into a bowl and enjoy.

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I like knowing where my food comes from. Where do you get your ingredients?

It is incredibly important to us as a small business that we support local and use ingredients from area farms and businesses.

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I don’t like tomatoes....can I get my salad without them?

You can exclude up to 2 ingredients per salad jar – just pick your exclusions when choosing your salad flavor.

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How long can I really eat these salads? I like my greens crisp!

Our salads are layered in glass mason jars in a way that keeps them fresh the whole week. Enjoy through Friday!

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Do you have a vegan menu?

Many of our salads offered are already vegetarian or vegan. Any other salad can be made vegetarian or vegan – just pick your preference when ordering.

I heard that you offer a Roasted Beet and Orange salad! That sounds delicious....but I don’t see it on the menu?

We offer limited time salad flavors all year long that are available for 3-4 weeks that typically focus on local seasonal ingredients. That Roasted Beet salad sourced fresh organic beets from Cattail Organics and was a subscriber favorite! We announce our seasonal specials via social media, on our website and through the weekly subscriber email. Limited time flavors are only available through a Fresh Jar subscription.

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Do you have other things on your menu besides salads?

During the colder months, our subscribers can add a jar or two of tasty artisan soup from Uptown Coffee Co. Flavors rotate monthly and are announced on social media. We also offer Lagom Bakery Simple granola and yogurt parfaits all year long.

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Getting Started

How many jars are in a weekly order?

Plans start at 3 jars per week and go up from there! Order for yourself, your family or even split with co-workers or friends.

When do I have to place my order by each week?

Orders need to be placed before midnight on Tuesday for the coming Sunday. This allows us to place orders with local growers and provide the freshest ingredients for your order.

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I'm not sure I want to order every week....are there options?!

We get it – you need the flexibility to skip a week. Subscriptions can be placed on hold or cancelled at any time!  Log into My Account, click on My Subscriptions to choose to place on hold, reactivate or cancel.

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Can I get just 1 salad to try?

Subscriptions start at 3 jars per week, but select flavors and quantities are available at Uptown Coffee Co in Marshfield to purchase by the jar.

Fresh Jar salads purchased from here require a refundable deposit – bring back your jar and you get your deposit back as well as a stamp on your Fresh Jar rewards card. Return 10 jars and earn a free salad on us!

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Delivery, Pick Up & Beyond

Where do you deliver?

We partner with Scotty’s Pizza and Chicken to deliver within Marshfield and Hewitt city limits.

When can I expect my salads to be delivered?

They are typically delivered by early Sunday afternoon. You don’t need to be home for delivery. 

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If I live out of the delivery area, can I still be a Fresh Jar subscriber?

Yes! Current pick up options include:

    • Sunday and Monday pick up at Uptown Coffee Co
    • Monday pick up at Cattails Coffee (located in the Marshfield Clinic)
    • Monday pick up at Ground Up Coffee Shop

Please check online for the store’s current hours. (For Sunday pick up, orders will be available for pick up by 11am).

Your jars look awesome - can I keep them?

At Fresh Jar we prioritize environmental sustainability in our food delivery method and re-use our glass jars, ice packs, and cooler bags after commercial sanitization.

If you choose home delivery, just leave your cooler bag out on Sunday and it will be replaced with your new order. For pick up options, bring your cooler bag back to the shop when you pick up your next order.

What if I don’t return my cooler bag, jars, ice packs and foam packaging?

At our online checkout, there’s an agreement that these supplies will be returned within one month of cancelling or placing your subscription on hold.

Please contact us at to arrange return. If these are not returned, there will be a $25 charge per cooler bag with supplies.

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Still have questions?

We want to answer them. Contact us at