Receiving Fresh Jar salads is easy and convenient.

We do all the work, so all you have to do is pour and eat your delicious, fresh, and healthy meal!


Each week visit the Fresh Jar website to select the quantity and type of mason jar salads you want to enjoy the following week.

FRESH JAR FACT: We make our salads fresh every week in our commercial kitchen space. We wash, slice, and chop all the ingredients and source what we can from local farmers and businesses.


On Sunday, Fresh Jar has partnered with Scotty’s Pizza & Chicken to deliver your order right to your door! (Within Marshfield & Hewitt City limits). Your salads are safely packaged in a cooler bag to help transport and keep them cool, until you’re able to put them in the refrigerator.

Live outside our delivery area? Pick up your weekly order at Uptown Coffee Company and choose Sunday or Monday pickup at checkout.

Store your salads in your refrigerator at home or work and enjoy a delicious salad anytime. The salads are prepared and stored in glass mason jars in a way that keeps them fresh for the whole week!


Now the best part.  Since the salads are pre-made, all you have to do is pour and eat! 

  1. Grab a LARGE bowl. There is a lot of tasty food packed into that jar!
  2. Pour salad into the bowl. You may need to use a fork to help guide the ingredients out. 
  3. Enjoy an easy and delicious meal.

After you finish your salad, just rinse and place the glass mason jar back in the original cooler provided.


Fresh Jar will come get your empty jars, ice packs, and coolers and replace them with your next order the following Sunday.

Did you choose our pickup option? Bring the cooler back when you pick up your next order.

FRESH JAR FACT: Our food delivery method is environmentally sustainable and doesn’t use any single use plastic or Styrofoam. The used mason jars will be sanitized in our kitchen for re-use. This is part of our efforts to be a zero-waste organization!

At Fresh Jar, we want to fit your lifestyle and preferences, not the other way around. Pause your subscription, skip a week or cancel at any time.

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