When I shared my idea about Fresh Jar in fall 2019, I was overwhelmed by the support and interest! When we sold our first salads in December 2019, never did I expect we’d be opening a small business right before our world changed so significantly.
I am so incredibly proud of our team as we navigated running a food business during such tumultuous times. Unfortunately, in the last few weeks, it has become increasingly more difficult to secure quality products due to supply chain issues and increased prices. In order for Fresh Jar to thrive, it would require a larger investment of time and resources. I love my full-time career and cannot sacrifice time with my family, so it’s time to say goodbye. 😢 Fresh Jar is closed effective immediately.
This journey has been fun, challenging, and so rewarding! I love the small business owners I met and the partnerships we cultivated. I love that Marshfield and Central Wisconsin were so eager to support local growers and environment-friendly practices. And most of all, I love all of the emails and notes I received these last 2 years about what Fresh Jar meant to you and your families – whether it provided less chaos about what to make for dinner or more time on Sundays so you didn’t need to prep yourself – it meant a lot to know that Fresh Jar was a convenient option for so many. ❤
Thank you all for everything!
Julie Kaprelian, CEO/Founder